Headquarters for Olympus Communications, Inc. is located at 1667 State Route 39 NW, Dover, Ohio. The company was established in November, 2005. We provided services in the wireless telecommunication industries, solar and wind turbines construction within Ohio and all the surrounding states.


Our first six years as a company we assisted general contractors on several projects for different carriers in the wireless telecommunications industry. With this continue success we have been able to grow from the initial base of employees to the current staff as well as venture in to becoming a direct general contractor with some of the wireless carriers.  We have also been able to obtain substantial lines of credit with vendors in the industry because of our success.


Olympus Communications, Inc. provides turnkey construction capabilities to wireless telecommunications carriers that need a company for any type of project. This could be a simple maintenance issue to a new build or site upgrade. Our company’s combined experience and knowledge will provide expertise in the construction of any aspect of a wireless project.


Over the past couple of years we have expanded our experience into the renewable energy construction. We have managed and built wind turbines from the ground up and assisted other team contractors in these projects throughout Ohio.

The company employs 12 workers at the present time and is carefully growing at pace that suits our business growth and our client’s needs. All employees have specialized training for the wireless and renewable industries in regards to safety and product installation. The company although small has experience and contacts with other companies that are in wireless telecommunication construction and renewable energy industry.

For details on the company's services please contact Steve McGraw, Mike Marlatt or John Woodford at 330-364-0064 or e-mail steve_mcgraw@olympuscominc.com or jwoodford@olympuscominc.com

Olympus Communications, Inc


1667 State Route 39 NW , Dover, Ohio 44622

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